Abbreviation List

Type of Surveyor County abbreviation List
P Private Surveyor Ada Adams County
GV Surveyor working for Government Aso Asotin County
CS County Surveyor Ben Benton County
CE County Engineer Che Chelan County
C GLO Contract Surveyor 1851-1910 Clm Clallam County
FC Field Crew member for GLO Contract Surveyor 1851-1910 Clk Clark County
RR Railrod or Railroad Surveyor Col Columbia County
LR Logging Railroad or Logging Railroad Surveyor Cow Cowlitz County
IN Industry or Surveyor working for Industry Dou Douglas County
GR Surveyor working for GLO or BLM after 1910 as a surveyor in a group Fer Ferry County
HE Surveyor of original Homestead Entry Surveys Fra Franklin County
MN Surveyor of original Mineral Claims Gar Garfield County
EX Explorer Gra Grant County
CG Coast and Geodetic Surveyor G H (Note Space) Grays Harbor County
DC Glo Contract surveyor of Donation Land Claims pre 1900 Isl Island County
GS US Geological Surveyor Jef Jefferson County
IC Inspector of GLO Contract Surveyors Kng King County
Ksp Kitsap County
Ktt Kittitas County
Lew Lewis County
Lin Lincoln County
Mas Mason County
Oka Okanogan County
Pac Pacific County
P O (Note Space) Pend Oreille County
Pie Pierce County
S J (Note Space) San Juan County
Skg Skagit County
Skm Skamania County
Sno Snohomish County
Spo Spokane County
Ste Stevens County
Thu Thurston County
Wah Wahkiakum County
Wha Whatcom County
Whi Whitman County
Yak Yakima County