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  • This form is for the purpose of submitting information on Washington surveyors.
  • Tab between fields. Depending on your browser, "Enter" will probably submit the data also.
  • Fill in any fields that you have knowledge of and leave others blank.
  • The information submitted via this form will not automatically be entered into the searchable database. Occasionally the data will be reviewed, checked and then added.
  • If you leave your name and phone number or e-mail address, we can more easily contact you for clarification or verification.
  • If a surveyor works in multiple counties, put all of the counties in the same box seperated by spaces.
  • Use the county abbreviations listed in the link above
  • The "From" and "To" boxes are entered a four digit year (eg.: 1954)
  • In the Records box, describe where to find any survey records or other information about the surveyor.
  • When you hit submit, the data will be entered into a database. You can not edit that data, but you can submit another form with corrections. Please note in the "Records" section that this form corrects a previous entry that you submitted.
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