Jerry Olson, P.L.S., P.E., C.F. Named Honorary United States Deputy Surveyor

March 7, 2014; Named a honorary official "United States Deputy Surveyor", which was the title given the Contract Surveyors that surveyed 32,000,000 acres in Washington between 1851 and 1910.  Only the second contemporary person ever given that title; Awarded a certificate, and a "2009 Manual of Instructions" for the survey of the lands of the United States.  The Manual was an original signed by one of the authors that produced the new Manual.

Presented by Mary Hartel, Chief Cadastral Surveyor for Oregon/Washington office of the Bureau of Land Management.  Also by Royce Hill, Cadastral Surveyor for BLM.  Signed by Mary and the Chief Cadastral Surveyor of all BLM in Washington, D.C.; Held at Tulalip Hotel and Convention Center; Land Surveyors Association of Washington Annual Meeting (600 attendees); Friday Awards Luncheon (about 250 surveyors present)

Recognizing me for all the books I have written on Surveying History, and for my website on Washington Survey History.  The BLM Surveyors use my site as a constant reference about the old surveyors they are retracing.

I was at the Annual Meeting to do a two-hour presentation of the General Land Office Surveyors, which I did immediately following the award; My database on Washington surveyors has 12,000 entries, and my last book, "Surveying North of the River", is 1,300 pages long.  The second edition will be out in about a year.  

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