Water System Design

In response to our clients’ need for engineering support, Olson Engineering (OEI) began a dedicated effort to meet the engineering and planning needs of small- and medium-size water systems.   Over more than ten years, OEI has worked with systems throughout Western Washington and Northwest Oregon to plan and execute system improvements, including source approval, treatment, disinfection, storage, and distribution system upgrades.  We also work with owners and operators on planning and review documentation for systems within the Washington State Department of Health and the Oregon Drinking Water Services Program.

OEI’s approach to planning and design is to work closely with owners, board members, and operators to ensure that we reach the best solution for each system.  We work with them to identify alternatives which fit the unique characteristics of their system while providing systems which are as trouble-free and cost-effective over the long term as possible.   At the same time, we strive to provide a level of engineering support which is appropriate to the size and complexity of the water system.

In addition to engineering for improvement projects, OEI provides planning support.   We have staff with the skills to help you navigate the local land use review processes.  OEI can help with the preparation of Water System Plans, analyze the capacity of your system, and assist in identifying capacity bottlenecks and prioritizing system updates.  We can develop site plans and work with architects, builders, or other engineers to obtain construction approval for reservoirs, buildings, and other structures.

OEI recognizes the value to our clients of the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Certified Water Rights Examiner (CWRE) program.  Our CWRE can help you complete the Water Rights Application process by performing the inspections and paperwork necessary to complete the Proof Examination required to complete the Water Right Certification process.  See our Water Rights Examiner page for additional information on this process.

Water System Consulting Services

  • Water Treatment
  • Distribution System replacement & upgrades
  • Water Storage
  • Water System Modeling
  • Water System Plan preparation
  • Project Reports
  • Water Right Proof Examination